So first let me welcome you to my blog.

I would like to start off by saying I have only blogged once before and that was when I was forced to blog for school about the internet so I hope you haven’t come here with high expectations. If you have, lower them.

                 My name is Tamelia and I like creating, writing, drawing, singing (often and loudly) and gaming. I enjoy a lot of other things but this blog is intended to be about my writing adventure so we can move on.

                 I have been writing for a long time. Well, it seems like a long time. I suppose my first start at writing was when I was about eight but I used to enjoy making up stories for my little brother long before that. 

                 For me writing was always about expression. I suppose I enjoyed writing about people and places that I perhaps didn’t understand yet. The way a story can captivate you and whisk you away to a different world has always been something I have yearned to create. I used to watch movies and wish they could go on forever, I loved the created world so much.

               I remember reading something about an author who talked about her characters as if they controlled her, as if they were real and living and I always thought that it was crazy. I remember reading it and thinking, ‘that doesn’t really happen. I mean, seriously!’ 
I’ve reached a stage now when I realise I am that author. I don’t know if it’s because I have grown as a writer, continually improving and reaching a more complete piece or if it’s because of the length of time I have been writing – I like to think it’s the former.  

                   Whatever the reasons, I am at a stage now when writing is almost a compulsion. It is actually quite troublesome because I end up have half a dozen started but pieces with none of them on the way to completion.
What I am trying to say, I suppose, is that writing is something I need to do and I want to get better at it. I want people to be able to wrap themselves into my world and wish it would go on forever.

                    To say goodbye I’ve left you Duster Dan – (that’s what I call him anyway) – who, on top of being cheap, can grow his hair longer in seconds!