It’s Hard!

Writing be hard stuff, am I right?

I have had people tell me, “Anyone can write a story!”

Now, I believe everyone can write, don’t get me wrong. I firmly believe that people have the capacity to create masterpieces, can be creative and eloquent, but I think it takes time.

I didn’t suddenly wake up with perfect grammar skills, hell! I’m still improving! 

Writing a book isn’t as easy as one might believe though. Editing takes up much more time then you’d care to spend on it, you have to cull a lot of your work sometimes! On top of that, sometimes the words just won’t come out. You’ve sat staring at your page for an hour and you can’t think of a word that will describe what you’re trying to say. 

My reason for this little introspection was because I have to finish an essay (which I should be doing right now) and I was thinking about how your writing has to change, not only to address the audience, but to make sense when given to a particular readership – like teachers. You have to use teacher metalanguage. Sometimes though, it’s exhausting. You just want to say, “Well basically, if I were in a classroom, I’d do the lesson like this and I reckon’ it’d make a good lesson ’cause it’s not boring.”

So, do I think everyone can write? Of course! Do I think it’s always as easy as just chucking some words on paper? No. If I’ve learned one thing during my time at this class, it’s that there are actually so many things to consider when you’re writing and you have to think about why you’re writing things, who you’re writing it for and what you’re writing it for. 

Do you have any musing about writing? Or even something you’ve found hard that everyone else has told you was easy?