Where My Heart Is

Today’s Daily Prompt:

When you’re away from home, what person, thing, or place do you miss the most?

The sun is shining and it’s warm, the smell of freshly cut grass floating in the air.

I sip my smoothie as I lean on the cafe table, nodding my head as my friend speaks about this jerk of a guy she was dating when I happen to see a Cocker Spaniel out the window, walking with its owner.

I suddenly feel the urge to hop up and go home to my own dog and give her a hug and have her lick my face and roll over so I can rub her belly. 

It’s not like I don’t like going out but sometimes it’s nice to feel wanted so unconditionally – to be loved without any strings – to be loved for just existing. 




12 thoughts on “Where My Heart Is

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